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At MicroShiner, we believe that craft spirits are fucking awesome.


MicroShiner was founded on the notion that craft spirits are so utterly badass that they can literally change the world. And even if that isn’t true, they’re still better than the shit that comes out of what looks like an oil refinery.

The first thing you should know is that the goal here at MicroShiner is to inspire you to choose craft. We want you to ask for craft or local every time you order a drink or pick up a bottle. When you step to the bar and ask for a martini and the bartender starts reaching for the Smirnoffs’s or Grey Goose or even Titos’s, we want you to say, hey, wait a minute … what do you have that is local?

Why? Because we believe it will help solve the social and environmental challenges that confront the world. But, just as importantly, because it is cool as hell. Why would you want to be like every other schmuck in the room? We realize there are 7 billion people in the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like them. Make a statement. Be an individual. Ask for craft.

Quality is an obsession for us, and we want it to be for you too. From our morning coffee to our evening nightcap, we know life is too short to accept anything less than the best, and we think that you’re more likely to find that in a small, local distiller than some giant one making spirits in an automated factory on the other side of the world.

No matter what you value, whether that’s buying local, discovering new things, or simply enjoying the very best of what life has to offer, we know there is a craft business ready to meet your needs who also shares your values. And MicroShiner is where you find them.


At MicroShiner, one of the things we value is transparency. Which is why we're not going to bullshit you.

It is an old adage, but it’s true - nothing in life is free (except air and sunlight, but that's another story). Delivering exceptional content requires the work of talented people, and distributing it takes resources. Whether we're talking about your favorite movie, news site, YouTube or Instagram account, somebody has to fund it.  And we're no different.

The way that has always been done is either through ads or by subscription.  Now no one wants their life constantly interrupted by annoying ads. Which leaves us two options - sponsored content or paid subscriptions. We use both.

The content you find available on our site for free comes to you compliments of the companies you see and hear featured in it.

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We borrowed this from Tim Ferriss, but it holds true for us as well.

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(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer)