Blackrock Leather N Rich - leather protection for the small batch lifestyle

When we moved to Montana, the first thing my father did was buy three items essential to any woodsman - a pickup, a chainsaw, and a pair of White's boots. A lifetime later, he still has all three, and other than the truck, which is slowly returning to the earth, they work nearly as well as the day that he bought them.

One of the reasons the boots have lasted as long as they have is because he took care of them. I still recall memories of him sitting in a chair, greasing them with the laces removed, then setting them beside, but never too close to, the wood stove to dry. Huberd's was the treatment of choice, and to this day I get a sense of nostalgia whenever I see that iconic white and blue can.

Decades later, when I started working in the woods myself, I dug those old White's out of the closet. Having been rebuilt once, they were dry and dusty but serviceable, and after a couple of treatments were more than up to the task of stomping around the mountains of western Montana once again.

While close, the fit wasn't perfect, so when I could afford to, I had my own pair of White's built, and returned my father's to his closet. Now it was Obenauf's that everyone recommended and me in the chair with an unlaced boot on my arm, working the treatment into the leather with a grease stained rag.

Blackrock Leather N Rich is a small batch alternative to these well known conditioners.


Blackrock began in 1976 when a few friends pooled their money and talents together to open Christian Brothers Western Store, a small shop on Derby Street in Pekin, Illinois, selling western wear and leather goods. At the same time, one of them created a leather care product, naming it Blackrock Leather N Rich, and started selling it alongside every pair of boots.

Today, his grandson Thomas Angelo carries on this family tradition. For Thomas, Blackrock is more than just a business. It's a legacy that he feels fortunate to be able to carry on.

Not much has changed because we proudly make Blackrock the same way my grandfather did, using the same formula. Blackrock is not mass produced in a factory somewhere. When we make Blackrock there is no cutting corners.

He considers it a point of pride that all of their products are 100% American made. The raw ingredients for Leather N Rich are mixed in small batches at their facility in Nashville, Tennessee to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. They use jars and lids sourced from a company in Chicago and, once filled, labels made in South Carolina are applied in house. It's a labor intensive process, but at Blackrock, quality trumps quantity.

Simply put, our goal is to help others take care of their leather goods to carry on their own legacy. Leather is an investment and with proper care can last a lifetime. We want to help people realize this.

You can find their premium leather care products and accessories here.