A next-gen guidebook to our decentralized world

We wanted to take a moment to remind everyone what it is we are about here at MicroShiner and share with you some of our core values.

Our goal isn’t to make money off your data or serve you “relevant” ads. We are a platform cooperative designed to benefit those who participate in it while promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle based around local, circular economies and small scale, independently-owned production. We believe that great things can happen over a glass of craft spirits, and we’ve made it our mission to introduce to the people and connect you with the companies who are crafting a better world, one small batch at a time.

Many people don’t know it, but before it became renowned for making restaurants famous, the Michelin Guides were just that: a free guidebook produced by the Michelin tire company that provided useful information to motorists, such as maps, tire repair and replacement instructions, and listings of mechanics, hotels, and petrol stations throughout France.

What we are creating here at MicroShiner is a 21st Century guide to the decentralized economy.

A guide based on a new set of values that are relevant to a new generation of conscious consumers, one that goes beyond the marketing hype to curate a very different experience for a unique audience. That’s why we choose the name MicroShiner, because we aim to illuminate the tiniest of details. Rather than paint the world in broad strokes, we’re focused on the granular. That’s why we use the term “Life, Distilled” to describe our approach and why we look at the world through the lens of craft spirits. Because we believe that by distilling our lives down to what is most essential we can make them the very best they can be.

Starting with craft spirits, we have based our guide on the following criteria: quality, excellence, transparency, accountability, and connectedness.

We believe it is the job of MicroShiner to lead you to emerging producers and products that practice excellence, are transparent and accountable in their business practices and production methods, and who share a connection with their environment and their community.

This is what you’ll find in the MicroFinder app and all the media content we host and create.

Thank you for joining us in making the world a better place, one small batch at a time.