Privateer Rum - the craft spirit of independence

The Fourth of July, America's Independence Day, is not only an iconic date in our country's great history, but has also come to epitomize the season of Summer and the joys of vacation. While the rockets' red glare and bombs bursting in air may serve as reminders of a hard-fought revolution, those fireworks will undoubtedly be shining down on some serious revelry this weekend as patriotic parties from coast to coast take advantage of the long holiday break. To assist with those festivities, Privateer Rum has a seemingly tailor-made spirit in their True American Silver Reserve. 

Distilled in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Privateer Rum is the creation of Andrew Cabot, a man who shares not only his name but also his penchant for rum production with a Revolutionary War-era ancestor. Andrew Cabot of the eighteenth century was noted for his exploits against the British Navy during the Colonies' quest for independence, and his modern-day descendant has infused that noble spirit and early American heritage into his Privateer offerings. 

Drawing inspiration from pre-Industrial techniques, Cabot and his team begin with high quality ingredients such as pale amber cane juice crystals and boiled brown sugar. One of the mottos around their New England distillery is that merely “good enough” is never an option, and so the selection and utilization of their sugars and yeast is driven by a desire to create the purest product possible. In that vein, the integrity of their Silver Reserve Rum is maintained along every step of its development. The distillation is kept unadulterated by being allowed to mature in isolated steel tanks, and each batch is bottled and hand-numbered without filtration. Perhaps most importantly, the people at Privateer never add any artificial flavors, coloring or sweeteners to their spirits, thus insuring that their label serves as a seal of authenticity for some of the truest rums available today.

This dedication to purity is evident as soon as the cork is removed from the bottle, as the aroma of the Silver Reserve is one of the cleanest scents a hard liquor can possess. While the rum is a bona fide 80 proof, the alcohol content is barely noticeable to the nose, instead giving way to a fresh, sweet smell that brings to mind the late-blooming bouquet of flowers on a sultry Summer night or even that crisp, ionic air one encounters in the wake of a thunderstorm. In the glass, this Privateer is crystal clear, leaving long, lean legs that reveal just a hint of viscosity, and not the overly syrupy consistency found in many other silver rums. The pleasant odors and texture are just a prelude to the main attraction, however, as the flavors of the Silver Reserve are a true delight. 

Unmistakably floral, and even a bit fruity, this True American Rum brings to mind the sweet treats of childhood Summers past without sacrificing its assuredly adult edge. It has bite, but very little burn, and can be enjoyed neat without concern of acquiring a pair of sticky lips. Over rocks is an equally satisfying experience, but Silver Reserve is particularly well-suited to some of the simple, seasonal cocktails that have become staples of the warmer months. A traditional daiquiri, a bare-bones piña colada, and especially a fresh mint mojito all benefit tremendously from the clean flavor profile and lack of artificial additives present in Privateer Silver Reserve. 

As Americans across the country prepare to celebrate another year of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, the distillers of Ipswich remind us all that while said pursuit is rarely an easy task, staying true to your goals and remaining dedicated to seeing them through can produce some truly sweet results.